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Inspirational & Anointed Keynote Speaker

"We tend to believe the ashes in our lives are evidence of an absent Father. But when I was led to look for God everywhere (Jer 29:13), I discovered His beauty had been there all along (Isa 61:3)." - Bridget Anderson 

Bridget's Mission

Bridget is devoted to using her platforms of writing, speaking, coaching and leading Bible studies to help women uncover God's Glory in their stories. 

She has an inspirational and entertaining style of storytelling and teaching to share God's Truth and capture her audience with ease, humor, and genuine vulnerability as she unveils her gifting for being able to see God in unusual places. 


Bridget is an author, speaker, teacher and certified Christian Life Coach. She’s been married over 30 years to her first and only boyfriend, giving hope to all those girls out there who don’t date much. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters who have taught her as much as she, hopefully, has taught them. She and her family reside in the greater Philadelphia area. Bridget is the author of The Longing for Belonging, Giving Up Ashes to Find Beauty which chronicles her journey of being released from the lies she believed about God.

Talk Titles


LESSONS IN THE LONGING: The longing to be known, loved and accepted lives deep within each of us. This need can only be filled as we allow the One to whom we belong to reveal Himself in new ways. Bridget gently challenges her audience to plunge into this longing and find their heavenly Father.


THE ORPHAN SPIRIT: Maybe you’ve never heard of the orphan spirit, but chances are, you’re living in it to some degree. Using scripture, personal examples and powerful illustrations, Bridget teaches on this timely topic, laying out what the orphan spirit is, how to recognize it, and how it affects our lives and relationships.


FULLNESS: Is it really possible to know God and be aware of His Presence in your everyday life? Do people really live this way? Yes! Bridget teaches the audience to recognize the barriers to living in the nearness of God and how to get free of them. She teaches her audience practical steps to live in His Fullness and how to get back when we lose our way.


THE REAL PARABLES OF HOLLYWOOD: A fun, topically driven assembly of seeing God in modern day film – it unpacks the power of storytelling and how God’s story fits into the picture. Using examples from the classics and current films, this presentation appeals to a broad audience.

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Audience Feedback

“Bridget is relatable, sincere and genuine. She began her talk with a story that was entertaining, and I was blown away when she began pointing out where we could see God in it. She makes scripture so easy to understand and embrace.”

Audience Feedback

“I enjoyed the overall message! Very well done! Thank you! I enjoyed that she used scripture, looked at her audience for understanding and used her personal experience. A lot to process I can’t wait to chew on the message! Thanks again!”

Audience Feedback

"Bridget is so anointed in her teaching. She presents Scripture in a relatable and memorable way - using imagery alongside her teaching to really drive home the message. She facilitates a comfortable space where you can be authentically who God created you to be, and she challenges you to grow into all He desires you to become.”
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