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A Roar or A Whisper

We want obvious. God wants intimate. We can all agree, a whisper is far more intimate than a roar.

We think we don’t hear from God. Because we’re listening for the roar.

But the lover of our souls knows better than we do how to communicate with us. In this world, with all its noise, our Good Father knows how to get our attention. Through a whisper.

It’s not that our Abba Father won’t roar. I’ve experienced it. One day when I was walking low and scared about my husband having lost his job, the song Psalm 91 (On Eagles Wings) roared from the church bell tower as I passed by. I stopped there and let the tears come. I thanked Him for grabbing hold of me as I went by this place, so sure of and comforted by His Presence with me.

But I have many more examples of the whisper. Lately, He’s been whispering to me through clouds, literally. Giving me a quick burst of a mental picture of a cloud hovering over the water, the Still, Small voice telling me not to be afraid of what looks like clouds on the horizon of our family: “Don’t be afraid; I’m in the clouds.”

Then, backing this up a few days later, as I read in Numbers 16 about the Cloud of His Presence, His serene words came back to me: “Don’t be afraid of the clouds. I am in the Cloud.”

For me, distress and worry have been born when I’ve insisted on hearing His roar. We can do that, can’t we? We can decide, “This is how I need you, God. So, if I don’t hear from You how I want to hear from You, I won’t listen.”

Surrendering that demand, He’s clothed me in His Peaceful whispering. And I see now He’s been whispering to me my whole life. I compiled some of these whispers in my book, The Longing for Belonging.

I’d love to help you discover where God is speaking to you. As a Christian life coach, it’s my honor to help you let yourself be found by Him in the intimacy of your everyday, ordinary moments, where He is most surely whispering to you.

I invite you to schedule a complimentary, 30-minute “Virtual Coffee Chat” to see if my coaching ministry may be helpful to you. You can do this on my website Bridget Anderson Coach.

And, if you’re looking for a speaker for your next women’s event, please contact me at Bridget Anderson Public Speaking. I’d be honored to teach at your gathering.

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