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Baking Lessons

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

The two chairs protested dully as they were dragged across the kitchen floor. A small, blonde, curly- headed girl climbed on each one.

With aprons ready for the adventure, I’d gathered the ingredients, knowing it would be tough to move around once I was flanked at the kitchen island by my little girls. More than making a cookie, my desire was to create a memory, spend time together and give my daughters a baking lesson. Their skills weren’t necessary for me to make the cookies. I could’ve accomplished that without them. What I desired was their presence. Time with them, side by side.

Each of my girls had a part in making these cookies. At the right time, I’d direct them to pour in the sugar, plop in the butter and stir in the vanilla. It was a little dicey when the eggs had to be cracked, but it was an easy cleanup if there a mess.

As we went, they tasted. Some of the ingredients were good, the chubby hands determinedly grabbing the chocolate chips and stuffing them into watering mouths. Some things were not so tasty, like the salt. It didn’t make sense to my daughters why we’d be putting salt in a cookie. I

assured them, as we measured, mixed, and stirred, it would all taste good when everything was finished. I promised; I knew what I was doing.

“Oh,” I’d say, “We can’t forget the most important ingredient…love.” We’d each pretend to take something from our heart and toss the invisible ingredient into the batter.

If I’m looking for God everywhere, I can see Him in this picture. In the kitchen with my little girls, who were trusting me to show them how to make something good from things that don’t seem to go together. Life with Him is like my time in the kitchen with my cherished daughters.

Like I simply desired time with my daughters, Your Abba longs to spend time with you. He doesn’t need your performance. He doesn’t need you to do something for Him. He wants you to come close. He longs to show you how He does things. How He works all things together for good. He already knows the events that will make up our lives. The bitter-tasting things. The things that don’t make sense. The brokenness. The sorrow. The gut-wrenching moments and seasons.

He pours them all together and wants you there with Him. He directs you to pour in that dream that didn’t work out, that relationship that broke your heart, the loss that didn’t make sense. He’s mixing it all together, with Love, making something so good, so sweet. So complete.

In this short and sweet writing, I want to remind you, your Daddy knows what He’s doing: He’s making your story.

And yes, we’ve all tasted the bitter ingredients of our lives. The things that haven’t made sense. The messy things? Even those messes we make ourselves. Pull up a chair and take hold of what He shows you. Let Him into the untidy cupboards of your soul, where things have been stashed.

In the kitchen this Thanksgiving, maybe you’ll gather family and ingredients to make the traditional Thanksgiving meal or maybe you’ll be tossing a frozen pizza into the oven by yourself. Whatever Thanksgiving looks like for you this year, let the day be a reminder that He is making your story from ALL the things in your life.

You may be thinking, “You have no idea what I’ve been through. Life is a lot more complicated than this.” You’re right. And friend, I’m sorry for what’s grieving you. Life can be complicated and really hard. What I want to bring you to is the simple Truth: Your Daddy has a plan to work all the complicated and distasteful things together for your good.

I know waiting for this can feel excruciating. Will you trust Him? Will you stand on that chair next to your Daddy and partner with Him.? Oh, taste and see, the Lord is Good.

I’ve tasted. I’ve seen. I’ve known. Draw near to Him and, in time, you will too.

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I remember those days! This is so good!

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