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Fear is a Self-Driving Car

Today's Blog is back by popular demand!

Thoughts become things. They take on a life of their own.

Fearful thinking becomes a heavy vehicle we get strapped into. Anxious thoughts wreck our peace and cause fender benders within our families and homes. We live offended, wounded, and quick-tempered. We’re fast to speak and slow to see. And we worry. Oh, how we worry! As if that will free us from this vehicle.

Faith becomes a calming, buoyant vessel we choose. Like one of those old-fashioned inner tubes we used to sink into, bobbing and floating. The bigger the wave that comes along, the more buoyancy is experienced. Our homes are visited with peace, patience, and contentment.

If I’m looking for my Abba everywhere, can I find Him even when I’m bolted to fear? Yes. He has indeed, acknowledged that our fear is something to contend with. “Do not let your heart be troubled. Neither let it be afraid…”

The way out of the fear trap is to re-mind myself what I know about Him, who He has been for me and the promises He has made and kept for me. Bringing my mind to what is Good will cause what I fear to shrink. Clear thinking returns.

Fear is believing what we think is true. Faith is believing what God said is Truth.

Fear and faith are opposing forces. Fear is a bully force. Not stronger, just louder.

My friend, do you suspect you are being driven by fearful thoughts?

I was a passenger in that car for many years. It’s my desire to help you recognize when you’re being driven by fear. And to give you the tools to release yourself. God’s best for you is to make you unsinkable in faith, not driven by fear.

I am including a link to my calendar for anyone interested in scheduling an introductory Virtual Coffee chat at no charge or obligation.

Additionally, please feel free to head over to my website where you can learn more about my services and how to get in touch with me.

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