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Stay Bloody

How is it ever going to be okay? How am I ever going to okay again?

Have you ever thought this? Have you ever been hurt by someone or by some situation that was so painful, you thought you would never recover? You wondered if your relationship with that person would ever recover?

I asked this of God recently. How will this ever be okay again? An immediate answer came. Now hold onto your hats because it may sound odd. But what I heard Abba impress on me was, “Stay bloody.”


And as the download came from that one unexpected sentence He spoke to me, I understood.

My instinct is to run, hide, seal myself off. To protect myself. Hadn’t I done it before? Been so hurt that I’ve vowed to never let that person back in to hurt me again. Have you done this?

The Bible calls it a hardened heart, and we even do it to our Abba. “I’ll never trust Him again.”

And with that vow of distrust, we have essentially chosen to let our hearts grow hard. But if a heart is hard, how can it ever be grafted back in restoration?

When we accepted Christ as our Savior, we were given a new heart, and a new spirit. The lord removed the hard heart of stone and gave us a soft heart of flesh. (Ezekiel 26:27) And if He’s given it, we need to use it.

This was the message God gave me. “I know it hurts. But stay bloody. Stay beating. And when the time is right, if you keep your heart soft and bloody, I can graft you back together with whomever has hurt you.”

Because deep down, deeper than our initial reaction to seal ourselves off, we don’t really want to lose that person, do we? We only want to avoid pain. But stay bloody. Trust that the Lord your God has a plan to graft your hearts back together. He is the Master Gardener. And He can do anything, you know. If you’ll just stay bloody.

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